Java Developer

Profession Java developer

A wide variety of projects are created in the Java language: from mobile applications to neural networks. Java programs are used by more than 3 billion devices in the world. You will be able to create code that will run all over the planet from Moscow to Cape Town and Tokyo.

You will master a popular programming language, go from beginner to specialist — and will be able to fulfill commercial orders already during training.

Who is suitable for this course

For beginners
You will write the first lines of Java code, learn the syntax and understand how to work with the Git version control system
Novice programmers
You will begin to structure the code correctly, you will be able to create arrays
Experienced professionals who want to learn a new language
You will learn how Java differs from other languages, learn how to optimize code, and be able to work with MySQL

What you will learn

  • Create Java applications using object-oriented programming approaches
  • Work with the network, configure the interaction of the backend (Java) with the frontend
  • Understand algorithms and data structures
  • Write queries to relational databases
  • Work in the GIT version control system
  • Work on scrum methodology for sprints
  • Work in a distributed team

Professional skills

  • Administration and deployment of pilot works

  • Java Web Application Development

  • Working with the Git version control system

  • Knowledge of OOP principles

  • Development of web applications on the Spring framework

  • The habit of writing commented and strictly formatted code

JAS Academy Certificate

It will confirm that you have completed the course and will become an additional argument when applying for a job

Маханов Нурсултан

PhD candidate of Nazarbayev University. I am researching Covid19 using computer vision algorithms. A big fan of blockchain technology. I like to code and develop.

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