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Profession iOS developer

Mobile development is one of the youngest and most promising areas of IT. Everyone has a smartphone, which means that this is the shortest and most reliable way to the user. Therefore, companies are forced to compete for good specialists, offering them more comfortable conditions and high salaries.

Who is suitable for this course

For beginners in programming
The course will allow you to master the profession of an iOS developer from scratch. You will write the first applications for the portfolio
For novice developers
You will get the systematized knowledge that is necessary for a successful iOS developer career.
Programmers who want to change their specialization
Get to know more about the specifics of iOS development, hone the necessary skills, and find a profitable and interesting job.

What you will learn

  • Basics of iOS development. Learn variables, constants, loops, classes, functions, OOP, and write your first iOS apps.
  • Mobile UI development. Learn how to create individual interface components, customize interactions, and design your own UI elements.
  • Mobile animation. Learn how to create standard and custom animations to make your app unique.
  • Client-server programming. Working with JSON, algorithms and data structures.
  • Integration with third-party services. You will be able to use geolocation services, maps and social networks in the application, configure the interaction of services so that the application works without interruptions and does not "hang up".
  • Working in an Agile team. Learn how to develop applications in a team using agile methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, Continuous integration.

What will this course give you

    • You will go through the basics of Swift and learn how to work in the Xcode development environment — you will be able to create simple applications with Internet access.

    • Learn how to work in Figma and design interfaces based on layouts from designers.

    • Add the first app to your portfolio and learn how to place it in the App Store

    • Get acquainted with design patterns and learn how to write "clean code" — from the first steps in the profession, master useful practices that are followed in large companies.

    Professional skills

    • Swift at the basic level

    • iOS SDK and application architecture

    • Xcode, Realm, CoreData, UserDefaults, SQLite/NoSQL for data storage

    • MVC, MVP, MVVM design architectures

    • Working with Get, App Store

    • Working with network APIs and multithreading

    • Interfaces in iOS, working with AutoLayout

    • Principles and design of SOLID, DRY, KISS

    JAS Academy Certificate

    It will confirm that you have completed the course, and will become an additional argument when applying for a job..

    Myrzakonurov Arman

    Lecturer in the specialty iOS developer. There is a Master of Computer Science degree. At the moment I work as an iOS Team Lead at am also a Senior Lecturer at Astana IT University, I teach iOS Mobile Development

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